NorthWest has grown to become one of the most successful Commercial Finance originators. Since 2002 NorthWest now provides it services to over 3500 finance professionals.

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Types of funding

We have direct access to funds for Construction, Development, Residential & Rural securities, so all it takes is one call to NorthWest no matter the scenario to find the answer you need to your finance requirement. If the lending circumstances do not meet our own requirements, we have many specialised fund managers that we can call on.


Specialised development funders are a strange breed; they look at projects differently to the major institutions, we call it the the PPP's, the project, the people and the profit. With a focus on the P's and looking to the future rather than what happened last year we focus on the commercial reality rather than what they used to teach in Banking school and offer up to 100% funding!... Ask us how.

Want to borrow up to 110% of 'Hard' and 'Soft' costs?... Ask us how...

Want to borrow up to 80% of total costs including interest on a 1st mortgage?... Ask us how...


If your tired of being called up in front of your existing Lender to explain why your profit isn't quite as high as last year and why the bank shouldn't raise the interest rate on your facility... then talk to Northwest. Our lenders will give you a five year no review deal up to 80% with automatic rollover with no new application... Ask us how...

Want to borrow based on valuation not purchase price?... Ask us how...

Want to borrow up to $30,000,000 with no historical financials?... Ask us how...

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Are you looking for an Equity partner to cement the funding for your next opportunity? Subject to Due Dilligence we have investors looking for suitable projects particularly in the construction and development areas... Ask us how...

Investment & Venture Capital

Looking to buy out a company or expand into a new market and need some additional financial muscle between $1-30M?... Ask us how...


Our Rural funders are just that Rural Funders. They specialise in this area and don't try to be jack of all trades. With their knowledge they are able to provide 1st & 2nd mortgage solutions to 70%... Ask us how...

Specialised Securities

Our panel of funders will approve those harder to place securities.

Capital Raising

Capital for New Ventures, Retirement of Debt, Acqisition or Expansion

NorthWest Commercial Finance P/L holds an ASIC exemption which allows us to raise up to $4M without issuing a formal prospectus.

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