Investment & Venture Capital

We see investors get very excited over our venture capital and investment pitches. For this kind of high-potential, early-stage investment, the competition between investors is often fierce. 

We can provide investment and venture capital of between $1 and $30 million dollars. Ask us how »

Most start-ups and small companies are all too aware of the ‘valley of death’. It’s the hard early stage where budgets are tight and scale is minimal. Northwest endeavours to find you the capital needed to climb out of this valley, into the rapid-growth period of expansion and large returns.

For early-stage companies, our investor program is a wise option, because we will combine your enthusiasm with our experience to develop an investment proposal that is exciting and financially, rock-solid.

Why Use Northwest?

  • Low Documentation loans up to $30 million on a single security

  • Bridging Loans settled within 24 hours

  • Capital Raisings

  • Construction loans with no pre-sale requirements

  • Same day approvals

  • Low Documentation Rural Loans to 70%

  • Our 92% strike rate