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Brisbane is filled with quality properties and business opportunities that are regularly snapped up by those forward thinking few who are ready to act when the time is right. Don’t miss out on the investment of a lifetime because of a lack of finance available to you. Sometimes, all you need is a little help from a trusted institution. Here at Northwest Commercial Finance, we see investors get very excited over our venture capital and investment pitches, as for this kind of high potential, early-stage investment, the competition between investors is often fierce. Not only can we offer you sizeable investment loans and venture capital, but we can do it fast. Whether you are located in Indooroopilly, Sunnybank, Beenleigh, or the wider Brisbane Suburbs, we are always happy to offer you our extensive services.

We can provide investment and venture capital of between $1 and $30 million dollars. Ask us how »

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Venture Capital   

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Most start-ups and small companies are all too aware of the ‘valley of death’. It’s the hard, early stage where budgets are tight, and scale is minimal. Northwest endeavours to find you the capital needed to climb out of this valley, into the rapid-growth period of expansion and large returns.

For early-stage companies, our investor program is a wise option, because we will combine your enthusiasm with our experience to develop an investment proposal that is exciting and financially rock solid.

Investment Loans

There can be many benefits to investing in property. Tax deductible expenses on your yearly tax return, a new stream of supplementary income, an asset for future family members – whatever your motivation, frequent fluctuations in housing prices often demands investment loans for new potential buyers to gain a foothold in the market.

Our seasoned professionals will work alongside you to ensure we offer the ideal loan amount that is not only manageable to your financial situation but keeps your investment profitable.

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For over 15 years, Northwest Commercial Finance has been assisting residents throughout Beenleigh, Indooroopilly, Sunnybank, and the greater Brisbane suburbs. If you have any enquires about our investment loans or venture capital available, or would like further information on our similar services, including construction development loans, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team of experts today. Call on 1800 228 328, send an email to, or leave your details on our online enquiry form found on our contact page, and we will respond with the information you require as soon as possible.

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