Commercial Finance Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of our experience dealing with unique finance situations. From these examples you will get a better understanding of why we call ourselves ‘Commercial Finance Innovators’ and make the complicated seem easy.

Case Study Scenarios

Provide $2,000,000 in equity and $12,000,000 in 1st mortgage finance for a development, Borrower had no financial contribution.

Start up finance $400,000 for mining equipment.

Provide $3.5M at 80% LVR on luxury property, funds provided within 4 days of application.

$4,000,000 2nd mortgage funding.

Start up finance to purchase a 1956 Bi plane for $140,000, operator had no tourism experience.

Start up finance to purchase Tug Boat for $350,000 and provide $200k in refit finance.

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